Good design isn't just about how something looks, it's about the people using it, how they use it and what you want them to do. In short it's about the experience. 

Before starting any project we ensure that we have a complete understanding of your business, your customers and how this specific project fits in to your big picture and long term goals. This ensures that the work we produce not only looks great and works brilliantly but is the best possible solution for your business.  Our designers work closely with the marketing and SEO teams within Squashed Pixel and your business to ensure that every bit of design work is well thought out and exceeds its purpose. Working across a wide range of media our team specialises in ensuring all your marketing materials deliver a consistent and cohesive message to your users.

Website Design



Whether it's a small scale brochure site, a content managed solution, an e-Commerce website or Blog based solution, you can be sure that all websites produced by Squashed Pixel are thoroughly researched and developed with the highest quality bespoke design.




Squashed Pixel have helped produce and develop many brands. We can help you develop your existing brand and identity into a cohesive strategy or we can help you create a brand from scratch. 

Take a look at a small selection of some logos we've created for our clients in our logo section.




The tools we use allow us to develop customer friendly e-Commerce website designs that enhance your company's online presence. Whether you go for a template or of fully custom approach, everything is tailored to your business, your industry and your users.

To find out how Squashed Pixel could make a difference to your business call us on : 01535 517 729