Video is now part of the landscape in the ever changing world of internet marketing. With YouTube now the second biggest search engine in the world there's never been a better time to start pushing your video materials out there.

Traditionally producing a high quality video was an expense few businesses could afford, with the advent of smaller, more powerful cameras and portable lighting equipment video is more cost effective to produce than ever. When carefully planned out you can get enough footage from a day or 2 to create a several videos which can be drip fed as a part of you're marketing collateral. 

From TV adverts to online videos we make sure that everything filmed is of a high enough quality to suit your needs, and that your only paying for what you require. All Squashed Pixel video services are offered through our extensive list of trusted suppliers.

Video is an ever popular choice for businesses to demand more attention from prospective clients. wow them with your behind the scenes of the company or even with an advertisement for the company itself. Video never fails to impress, so give us a call to have a chat about how video can help your business.


To find out how Squashed Pixel could make a difference to your business call us on : 01535 517 729