If your most profitable product range was on the left hand side of your shop but 80% of visitors only looked at the right hand side as they walked in, wouldn't you rearrange your shop to suite their habits? 

With Google Analytics we are able to analyse visitor trends to identify what they find most interesting, what pages they fail to find and much more. With this vast amount of data, Google Analytics allows us to fully understand how your website is truly performing and whether your customers are getting the most from your site and your business.  We pride ourselves on being as open and transparent as we can in everything we do at Squashed Pixel. We want you to understand what we're doing for you so if you don't understand something or want to know more just ask us, we don't hide behind technical jargon or complex theories.  

We believe in sharing knowledge and always explaining everything in real life terms that hopefully make complete sense.

Search Engine Optimisation



From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your site and keyword selection through to link campaigns, we can help you achieve your goals and develop your business.  We will be able to tell you from the outset what keywords your customers are using to find your product or service,  what work needs to be done and a time scale of when your goals will be achieved. 

Analytic's & ROI



We treat Google Analytics as the dashboard for your site. Analytics show you how visitors have found your site, what they did on your site and at what page they left your site.  With this knowledge we can understand how to improve your site's performance, your users experience and make sure your getting the best possible return on investment.  

A/B Split Testing



Test, improve, test, improve, test, improve. The more of this we do the more we can refine your customers experience and react to changes in trends and habits. A/B Split and Multivariate testing can improve a website's potential to convert visitors into paying customers. We use Google Website Optimiser to continually improve every aspect of your website.

To find out how Squashed Pixel could make a difference to your business call us on : 01535 517 729