With over 500 million users on Facebook it's easy to understand why Social Media has become the new buzzword. But what does it mean to the average business owner? 

Aside from Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn there are an untold number of social networks in existence. Some are industry specific, some are localised and some are based on interests. The way in which people buy products and engage with business has now changed dramatically.  People are now reaching out to their social networks asking for personal recommendations. They can now easily see what their peers have bought and what they think of the product. Your customers are now more likely than ever before to publicly align themselves with you and your brand, be that through sharing the knowledge or publically 'Liking' your fan page.

This gives businesses a great platform on which to engage with their customers. We can help you understand which networks your customer use and the best ways in which to engage them. 




Whether you're on Facebook or not you can be certain some or all of your customers will be. On average people now spend 3 times as long on Facebook as they do on Google. Squashed Pixel can help you in the technical setting up of your fan page, understanding how your customers are using Facebook and the best ways to engage with them. 




Twitter is the marmite of the social networks but love it or hate it there are now more than 300,000 people joining twitter every single day. At a glance it's a mass of useless information but we can show you how, when run in conjunction with your site or blog to use Twitter to meet and converse with your existing and potential customers.  




LinkedIn is without a doubt the social network for b2b businesses. Much more than an online CV, LinkedIn can also be used to develop your personal and business profile and allows you to meet and engage with your customers, suppliers and fellow professionals in your industry.  

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