SP Lite is an all new web offering from Squashed Pixel designed with small and start up businesses in mind. With SP Lite you get all the benefits of a bespoke website minus the upfront costs. Put simply, it's Squashed Pixel quality but on a budget.

Due to the recent rise in popularity of smart phones, tablets and cheap laptops more and more people are spending a significant portion of their time online so having a website for your business has never been more important. 

To accommodate this we have in the last 12 months seen a massive rise in "off the peg" do it your self website solutions that allow you to build your own website using a range of templates, stock images and generic content. The results has unfortunately been a glut of websites that all look the same, have similar content and aren't a true reflection of the businesses that they represent. 

It was out of the frustration of this that the concept for SP-Lite was born. Our aim is to help small and start up businesses produce a quality, targeted, simple but effective website from which you will see much more benefit and long term gain. The SP Lite sites won't be all singing all dancing websites but serve as a great foundation which can be built upon and extended over time to grow and adapt with you and your business. 

With your brand new SP-Lite Website you can..




Once your new SP Lite site is up and running the next step for you is to create. This covers new and additional content as well as pushing press releases and latest news through your blog section. This should be a continual process for your site, the idea being that your site develops and grows as your business does. The quick and easy nature of the content management system ensures that you can react quickly to internal and external business events and stay at the forefront of your customers minds.




It's undoubtedly important to have your site looking fantastic and populated with content. Equally important is making sure that your website is found by both your existing and potential customers. There are numerous ways this can be done, from email signatures through to email marketing. Whilst some of these methods will obviously have cost implications there are also a number of different methods and platforms that can be utilised for free. Squashed Pixel will always be on hand to help and point you in the right direction where possible as well as being available to provide paid for services such as email marketing.




You'll find that as your business grows and develops, so will your requirements from your website. As your website is already built using an industry standard content management system, upgrading and extending your site is a process of evolution rather than starting again from scratch. There are a whole host of plug-ins and modules available to extend your new site and custom functionality can be easily built in along side customer page layouts and templates. 

To find out how Squashed Pixel could make a difference to your business call us on : 01535 517 729