Here at Squashed Pixel we believe that usability is king when it comes to selling products online. If your sites easy to use and navigate your users will buy more. If you find it easy to update and manged your site, you will find it easier to interact and engage with your customers.

We can build and work with many different systems when it comes to e-commerce but if you're thinking of selling your products online we believe that using Shopify is a great way to keep your upfront costs as low as possible, spend less time managing your site and more time engaging your customers and selling more products online.  

Shopfiy is a hosted e-commerce and content management solution that makes everything from adding products to taking online payments as easy as possible. Shopfiy integrates seamlessly with more than 50 different payment gateways so you can be sure that if you're already taking payments online, the transition will be smooth and painless for you. The system has a wide range of inbuilt marketing and customer relationship management facilities. Using the same system you can create and mange html emails and email lists, arrange and display advertising, apply discounts, special offers and integrate your products in to a Google product search. 

Shopify has also been developed with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. This makes sure that your products and your site shows up as well as possible in all the search engines. In addition to Google analytics you can also view in the same system key information about your existing and potential customers such as what products they looked at, where and what time they looked at and what products they decide to purchasing. All this information gives you a powerful set of data on which you can hone your online shop to ensure that you are always getting the best possible return on investment. 

Shopify is also unique in that it also has an 'app store' style approach. Some apps are free and some are on a subscription type basis and offer up all sorts of extended functionality from integrating your shop in to a Facebook page to Sage accounting software integration. 

To find out more about Shopify or to try a FREE trial please visit: Shopify