We believe that a well designed and targeted website should be an asset to your business. All our websites are fully bespoke and designed to suit you and your clients needs. To make sure your site is an asset to your business we make sure that it's easily editable and is flexible enough to grow as your business does. 

SilverStripe in our experience has a distinct advantage over any other CMS in that it's fully customisable both from an administrators point of view and for an end user. This means that we design and build sites that are specifically suited to fit you and your clients needs rather than designing sites to fit an existing content management system.  

We're well aware that you need to get the best return on investment as possible. Being open source there is no upfront cost for using SilverStripe and it's unique flexibility makes it both quick to build in and easy to extend.  This enables us to focus more time and effort in ensuring that your website is designed to work hard for you rather than losing vast amounts of time building a technical solution from scratch. 

SilverStripe completely separates design, code and content ensuring that editing the content on a site is kept as simple as possible and ensures that any content changes you make in the CMS won't break your site!  Editing content is as easy as editing a document in Microsoft word, new pages can be added at the press of a button, existing pages can be edited in moments and you have the ability to set up as many users as you like, limiting what pages they can and can't edit meaning that keeping your website current is now no longer only on your shoulders.

SilverStripe is modular in design and whilst an out of the box installation of SilverStripe contains the ability to edit content, add pages and manage users, extending SilverStripe to incorporate more advanced functionality couldn't be easier. There are a vast number of supported modules widely available, including forums, event calenders, blogs and e-commerce solutions. Installing these additional modules is quick and easy, the only significant time needed being to ensure that that look and feel of these modules seamlessly fit in with your site. 

Being built on the Sapphire PHP framework also ensures that if you need functionality adding ot your site that isn't covered by an existing module, bespoke development is quick and painless, plugging in and extending existing functionality rather than starting from a blank sheet every time.

You can find out more about the SilverStripe Content Management System by visiting www.silverstripe.org and you can find out more about the Sapphire PHP Framework by visiting www.silverstripe.org/sapphire/.