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Ridge Skateboards

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Ridge Skateboards

Ridge Skateboards

We Make and Sell The Boards We Love & Let You Customise Them Online

Who Are Ridge?

Ridge Skateboards was born during a chance debate in 2011 about mini cruisers, and the sky high price of them. People they knew wanted a good quality but reasonably priced alternative to get around on.

Their boards are made in the UK, and hand-built on site. They have moved to large-scale premises, and they have delivery trucks leaving daily, taking their cruisers to shops across Europe.

What We Did

We based the new ridge site on a pre-existing Shopify theme and performed in depth customisations to take it from an off the Shelf product to something that felt truly belonged to Ridge.

As well as the Shopify set up, site design and build we also created a bespoke Shopify app that allowed people to design and build their own custom Ridge Skateboards, massively improving their online sales of bespoke boards and repeat customers.

Shopify site design by Yorkshire Shopify Experts Squashed Pixel
Shopify Experts Yorkshire Web Design
Shopify Web Design Yorkshire
Shopify Experts Web Design and POS
Shopify experts Yorkshire Web Design

Squashed Pixel have done an excellent job on our site and have completely revamped it, including building us a bespoke customiser app. They have kept us in the loop throughout the process and listened to all of our probably quite annoying input without throwing things at us. We have since asked them to do another site for us and several landing pages, so we must think they are good.

Ridge Skateboards

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