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Award Winners Since 2009

Everyone loves a good award ceremony (and an open bar tab). Whilst we've been lucky enough to win several awards as a business, what we're most proud of is the fact that our clients are winning awards for the work we've produced from them!

Yorkshire top Shopify Experts Since 2009

A'Design Awards

The A'Design awards are an international award aimed at recognising excellence in design across a wide range of disciplines, from product design to digital.

We were lucky enough to be nominated for and win an A'Design award for our work on the Rue Marcellin Shopify Site. We had a great company trip to Lake Como (it seemed a shame not too) to take part in the Awards Ceremony and met several new clients whilst we were there.

Yorkshire top Shopify Experts Since 2009

Theo Pathitis SBS

The SBS awards have been created by Theo Pathitis (Ex Dragon) to recognise and support independent businesses in the UK.

Since winning SBS we were featured in several national newspapers and on several radio stations as well as working closely with several other winners to improve their online businesses.

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