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Websites That Put Your Users First

Good design isn't just about how something looks, it's about the people using it and how you guide their experience.

Standing The Test of Time

Our team have been building websites for over a decade. In that time we've seen technology make huge leaps forward, screen sizes get both bigger and smaller and the needs of users massively change.

Through that time we've also developed a keen understanding of how people use technology and have fine tuned this into making sure that all the websites we design and build here at Squashed Pixel are designed with purpose and to deliver for you.

High Converting Websites by Squashed Pixel on Silverstripe
Stunning Websites by Squashed Pixel built on WordPress
Squashed Pixel Partner with teh best in Technology

Sites That Work For You

Rather than trying to be a master of everything, we've instead focussed in and become experts in a few web platforms that we believe offer the best for our clients.

We've chosen these platforms based on a few key factors.

1) They are incredibly intuitive, allowing you or your staff to keep on top of your site with minimal training.

2) They offer complete freedom of design ensuring that your site look and works exactly as you need it too rather than how the cms wants your site to look.

3) They are forward looking - we don't design and build websites with a shelf life, as your business grows and changes, we want the platform your site is on to be able to grow and develop with you.

4) They are web based - as the world moves increasingly towards being cloud based, we wanted to make sure that you can edit your site and business critical systems in the cloud too, need to push out a quick update from a beach in the Bahamas? We've got you covered.

Bucking The Trend

Much like fashion, internet trends come and go. Web 1.0, 2.0, flat design, material design, brutalism, there are too many to mention in one breath.

All of these trends have strong and weak points but you often find sites that stick to these trends when they are hot, can quickly feel dated and out of touch. Rather than following these trends as they become 'hot' we instead design our websites to your business and your customers.

This means we can take the strengths, technology and approaches that come from all these trends and utilise them in a way that makes sense for you. The result is a site that feels uniquely yours and one that really stands the test of time.

We have clients with sites that are over 6 years old and still look great and are performing incredibly well.

Our association needed a complete revamp of its website, including back-end functionality, but needed to be done on a tiny budget. Squashed Pixel understood our requirements, scoped what was possible with our budget, and looked after us to produce a website that looks great and does what it needs to do.

Great project management and after-care - no problem in recommending Squashed Pixel to anyone.

Geoff Chapman - The e-Assessment Association

Squashed Pixel - well what can you say! Have worked with us to develop our site over the last 5 years. They are responsive to requests for change and developments, suggesting innovative ways to approach what appear to us as potential problems.

A pleasure to deal with and very client focussed.

Geoff Mills - RSMR

Very helpful company, carried out all work as per agreement and even assisted with revisions of our old site prior to work commencing so we could maintain an online presence.

Highly recommended.

Matthew Griggs - Hindle Group

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